How do I view questions and Lexile levels associated with passages?

Updated 5 months ago by Rhonda McNamara

  1.  Click Assessment/Assignment Center from your teacher dashboard.

  1.  Click Assessment Builder in the Assessment section.

  1. Create your "Assessment Name" and choose a "Subject" from the drop down menu.

  1. Select Passage Questions. Select your "Domain", "Standard", "Question Type", and "Passage Category".

  1. You will then see a list of passages to assign based on the Domain, Standard, Question Type, and Passage Category selected.

  1. Click on the title of the passage to preview the passage selection. You can also view the Lexile Score and Word Count.

  1. Click the (+) symbol to expand the questions associated with a passage. Click on a question to preview. Select the checkbox next to a question associated with a passage to assign.

You can also view the DOK level of the question and add to your favorites by clicking the "star" symbol.

  1. After you have selected all questions for the assessment, click Save and Preview.

  1. In Preview you can create your "Settings" as well as "Preview or Replace" questions. You can then either Save Assessment to assign at a later date or Save and Assign to assign immediately to a class or individual students.

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