How do I preview another content area?

Updated 2 months ago by Rhonda McNamara

  1. Select the Instructional Resources icon on the left side of your page from the teacher dashboard.

Here you will be able to view Instructional Resources Subjects for all grade levels.

  1. Select the Instructional Subject that you would like to preview.
  1. Once you have clicked on a subject, you will be brought to the preview page for that subject.

Here you will be able to see the available Online Resources, Printable Resources, Standards covered, as well as a breakdown of the percentage of content dedicated to each subject.

You can also preview other subjects to be added to your campus subscription through your profile.
  1. Click on your name in the top right corner of your teacher dashboard, then click Profile.
  1. Select Account and then click on Additional licenses for purchase.
  1. Select the subjects that are not in your campus subscription that you would like to preview and add to your campus license, and then click Get Quote.

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