How do I motivate students?

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While many rewards are built-in to the program for students to earn throughout the year, many teachers have designed their own way to incentivize their class(es). Here are a few ideas to generate inspiration, described below.

We love learning about the different ways teachers are implementing our program. Please share with us on social media or email [email protected] to share your unique strategies!

Some elementary and primary teachers like to use our Alien Ranking Coloring Pages to reward students with a fun coloring activity when they earn a new rank!
Visit our Bulletin Boards article to download the Alien Ranking Cards and create student incentives.
Download our elementary school blank student certificates to print in advance and write in students’ names as they earn each Alien Ranking.
Motivate students to use Progress Learning and Liftoff with a Galaxy Star Challenge. Track how many Galaxy Stars students have earned, and celebrate growth and mastery of their learning standards.
The Green Dot Challenge™ is a way for teachers to individualize a student's learning by breaking down each standard. Through progress monitoring and one-on-one conferences, teachers and students are able to identify areas a student should focus on. Personalized goals are developed, and the student becomes accountable for their own learning.

Click here to learn how to use in your classroom.
Click here to learn how to support leveled learners.

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