How do I access and use my teacher progress report?

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How to find your Progress Report

Step 1: Click "Reports" on your teacher dashboard.

Step 2: Click the report for "Progress Report" under the "Progress Monitoring."

In your Progress Report, you can assign Quick Click Remediation. Learn more here.
You can also view your teacher progress report from your main dashboard.

How to use the data found in your Progress Report:

Step 1: Filter the subject, class, dates, and source of the activity. You can also filter any "Assessment Tags" you associated with the activity to filter the data.

Step 2: You will then see under the "Class Dot Rank" the data filtered with the standard details showing the questions attempted, questions correct, and overall score.

Step 3: You can click on any of the yellow or red dots next to a standard to assign remediation to any student who performed with 80% or lower. To learn more about Quick Click Remediation, click here.

Step 4: You can also filter and view data in the "Progress Report" by "Student Dot Rank."

In the "View by Standard" option, you can see a detailed view of results for individual students on specific standards. You can click the arrow to expand the academic topic and see the individual standards.

You can then click on a yellow or red dot for an individual student to assign remediation. To learn more about Quick Click Remediation, click here.

You can also select the "View by Count" under the "Student Dot Rank" tab. This will allow teachers to view individual students and how many green, yellow, or red dots they each have.

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