How do I allow students to retry missed items?

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To learn more about this feature, watch the video or follow the steps below.

Teachers have the option to allow students to have a second chance at any questions that they've gotten wrong when they complete an assessment. This feature is called "Retry Missed Items."

Retry Missed Items is an optional feature that can be activated on the final "Settings" tab when you are assigning an assessment.

Note: The Retry Missed Items feature is available for assessments and generated tests that you assign. It is NOT available for auto-generated practice assigned through the Assignment Builder because the students already get instant feedback and short instructional videos after each question.

For more information about how to create an assignment, check out this article: How do I Create an Assignment?

Student Point of View

When "Retry Missed Items" is activated, students will see a pop-up immediately after clicking "submit". The pop-up asks if they would like to retry missed items. Students only see this screen if they've answered any questions incorrectly.

Note: The students will only see this option one time. They must select "yes," and they must immediately work on the retry questions. If the students select "no", they will not see this option for this particular assignment again, and the retry questions cannot be completed later.

After the students finish the retry questions, they will see their score report in their "Graded Work". They will see their original score, and the retry score will be listed underneath. The "Practice Needed" recommendations bar is color coded to help students tell whether the recommendations were generated from the original score, the retry score, or both.

When the students scroll down, they can see the actual questions, their answer choices, and the correct answer. They can also toggle back and forth between the original score and the retry score by clicking the "Original/Retry" button on the right.

Teacher Gradebook

Teachers can see the original score and the retry score in their "Teacher Gradebook" in 2 different tabs of the Gradebook.

  1. Under the "Assignments" tab. Under "Display", select "current" to see the original scores, or select "retry scores" and click "Run Report". To switch the view back to the original scores, select "Current" in the display drop-down menu and click "Run Report." The screen will refresh and display the current (original) scores.
  1. You can also see the original and the retry score on the "Class Results" tab for each student.

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