How do I lock/unlock Assignments?

Updated 2 months ago by Rhonda McNamara

Assignments can be locked by teachers. Since assessments have to be assigned (unless it is a district assessment), assessments can also be unlocked/locked is the best way to lock an assessment at the teacher or school level. 
  1. From your teacher dashboard, go to the Assessment/Assignment Center on the dashboard on the left side of the page.

  1.  In the Assignments box, click on Assignment Bank.

  1. Locate the assessment or assignment you would like to lock/unlock and select the checkbox to the left of the appropriate assessment/assignment. Locking an assessment/assignment prevents students from being able to complete it.

  1.  Select the action you would like to perform: Lock/Unlock. If an assessment/assignment has already been assigned and is locked, students will still see the assessment/assignment on their homepage, but they will not be able to begin or resume it.
  2.  Select "Ok".
  1.  You will know an assessment/assignment has been locked by seeing a greyed out lock icon.

  1.  If you need to unlock an assessment/assignment, you will simply repeat steps 3-5.

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