How do I use teacher chat?

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Our Teacher Chat feature allows teachers to connect directly with students from their Progress Learning dashboard.

All messages within the teacher chat are private to the teacher and student only. If a message is sent to the class and a student responds, only the teacher will see the individual message from the student.

Only Primary Teachers can send a message to the entire class. Secondary teachers can send messages to individual students.

Step 1: On your teacher dashboard, click "Student Messaging" in the top right corner.

Step 2: The "Messaging" chat will then open. Here you can select an individual student or class to send out a chat or message.

Students are unable to send messages to their classmates.
Students are also unable to begin a chat with their teacher initially. Students can only reply and send messages to their teacher after the teacher has sent a message first to begin the conversation.

Step 3: Teachers can click on the gear settings icon to customize when the chat feature is available for students or classes.

Step 4: Teachers can toggle off or on which classes have chat available and set time for availability. This can be found under your "Profile" from the teacher dashboard in the top right corner.

Step 5: When teachers log into their teacher dashboard, they will see a notification next to "Student Messaging" when they have a new message from a student.

Step 6: The teacher can then click on the new message and reply.

Student View:

Step 1: When a student logs into their account, they will see a notification in the top right corner of their student dashboard, that they have a new message from their teacher.

Step 2: The student will click on the new message from the teacher.

Step 3: The student can see the availability of their teacher when responding and then reply.

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