How do I view and use my gradebook?

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Step 1: Click "Reports" on your teacher dashboard.

Step 2: Click the report for "Gradebook" under the "Progress Monitoring."

Step 3: You will filter your class. Below is how you can view the details of your assessments or assignments in your gradebook under the "Assignments" tab.

If you have a grouped assignment or assessment, you can click the arrow to expand the details and see individual grades for each activity assigned.

You can click on the name of your assignments or assessments that are listed in your gradebook which will take you back to the results report and view the "Item Analysis."

Step 4: You can also view data in your gradebook by clicking on the "Class Results" tab. You will filter the student, activity, subject, and date range.

You can then view the individual student gradebook results based on the information filtered. You can also see the activity completed with the associated assignment.

You can click "View" next to an individual assignment or assessment, and this will take you to the Student Results screen for that specific activity completed.

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