How do I share an assessment with another teacher?

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  1. There are two ways to share an assessment. When creating a new assessment, select "Yes" for the "Share Assessment" setting in step 2. Once you're finished creating the assessment, other teachers at your school will be able to see it in their assessments list.
To learn more about how to create an assessment, click here.
  1.  For an assessment that has already been created, click the Assessment/Assignment Center from your teacher dashboard. Click Assessment Bank from the Assessments section.

  1. Under the My Assessments tab and click on the "Settings" gear icon.
  1.  Select "Yes" for the "Share Assessment" option. Click  "Save Assessment".

  1.  You'll see a confirmation message that your setting was updated successfully.
All teacher shared assessments, whether created by you or another teacher, will have an "S" to the left of the name.There will be a "D" for District created assessments and an "A" for School Admin created assessments.

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