How do I view questions in Spanish when building an assessment?

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Step 1: Click "Assessment/Assignment Center" on your teacher dashboard.

Step 2: Click "Assessment Builder."

Step 3: Type the name of your assessment, select your subject, and settings. Then click "Save and Continue."

Step 4: Select your domain(s) and standard(s). You can click on any of the 'blue' hyperlinks under the question column to preview the question.

Step 5: The question preview pop-up window will open, and you can then preview the question in Spanish by toggling "Spanish Version" in the left-hand corner. You can either click "Add Question" or click the (x) to exit the preview.

Click "Save and Preview" to save your assessment and assign.

Step 6: Once you have selected the questions you want included in your assessment, you can preview the questions once again by clicking the blue hyperlink "Student View."

You can then click "Save Assessment" to assign at a later date or "Save and Assign" to assign immediately.

To learn more on how to enable language settings for your individual students, click here.
To learn how students can use the language toggle feature enabled, click here.

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