How do elementary students complete Practice Tests in their Study Plan?

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Practice Tests are available for elementary students 2nd-5th grade in the My Study Plan.

These Practice Tests are prebuilt assessments that are broken up by Summative Tests or Domain Tests which encompass your state standards.
If you would like your student to take a diagnostic for another grade level and subject area, the Practice Tests support the place of the prebuilt diagnostics.
To learn how to add other subjects to a student's Study Plan, click here.
To learn more on pre-and post-test diagnostics, click here.

Step 1: The student will navigate to their My Study Plan and select a subject. The student will then click "Practice Tests."

Step 2: Here students can select to take a small, medium or large Summative Test or a Domain Test.

Step 3: Once the student has selected the Practice Test, they will click "Begin."

If a student does not complete the Practice Test they have started, all progress will be saved when they exit out of the Practice Test.

The student will be able to navigate back to the Practice Test they had started by clicking My Study Plan and the subject where they had clicked "Practice Tests."

The student will see a notification with an 'orange number' indicating a Practice Test is in progress.

The student will then see the Practice Test started with an indicator of when it was saved.

They can click on the Practice Test that had been paused, and resume on the question they were working on.

Step 4: When a student has completed the Practice Test, they can view their results by clicking "Graded Work" on their student dashboard.

Step 5: The student can then find and view the Practice Test in their graded work with the date it was completed and their score.

Step 6: The student can then click "View" next to the Practice Test completed to see a detailed breakdown of their assessment and how they performed on individual questions.

After completing a Practice Test, students can follow the steps described above and reattempt the Practice Test in their My Study Plan. A new set of questions will show in the Practice Test from the Study Plan, as the questions are randomly selected from the Progress Learning database.

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