How do I add subjects to or remove subjects from my class?

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Adding a Subject

  1. In your My Classes section, click the icon under Class Details for the class you wish to add a subject to.
  1. Click the Subjects tab on the left to see the subjects currently associated with that class. Then click the Add Subject button on the right.
  1. Select any subject to which your school subscribes. Then click Add.
Any subject(s) you choose will be applied to all students in your class.
If you do not want every student in your class to have those subjects for a specific grade level area, then you can create a new class with the selected students you wish to assign specific subjects for different grade levels too.

To learn more on how to create a class, click here.
  1. To complete the process, click Update.

Removing a subject

  1. If you need to remove a subject from a class, click on the X next to the subject.
  1. Confirm the change, then click on Update as shown in Step 4.

Who can change the subjects in a class?

Primary teachers: Only Primary teachers are able to edit the class settings. The original owner of the class can transfer ownership to one teacher to become a Primary teacher. Primary teachers are able to add as many co-teachers necessary to a class.

Co-teachers: Co-teachers that are added to a class are able to create assignments and send to students. Co-teachers can also pull data and reports associated with that specific class. Co-teachers are unable to change the settings of individual student's like text to speech or Spanish translations.

Co-teachers are also unable to add or remove subjects connected with a class.

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