How do I introduce my students to Liftoff?

Updated by Rhonda McNamara

Here is an introduction video that you can use to help students get started in Liftoff and help them become familiar with the program.

Direct Link:

You can also use the "Student View" feature to access a sample student account that can be used to model for students during your lessons.

NOTE: The sample student account in "Student View" does not have sample data. However, any work done in the "Student View" is saved just as it is in a live student account. In order to model working in the Liftoff Galaxies, you will need to complete at least one of the diagnostics BEFORE your lesson with the students. We recommend deliberately getting many of the questions wrong so that your rocket is toward the bottom when you model for students.

We also have a downloadable Student Quick Start Guide for Liftoff that you can print and give out to students.

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