How do my students get started with Liftoff?

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How to Enable Liftoff for Students

  1. From your home page, click on School Center in the left-side menu. Click on Liftoff Management.
  1. Use the Grade and Class drop-down menus to filter for your students. You may also search for individual students by Username, Student ID, or First and Last Name. Click "Filter" to see the results.
  1. To enable Liftoff for your TII and TIII students, use the column titled Liftoff. To select one student, click on the toggle switch to change the color to blue. To select multiple students at once, click on the three dots next to one of the toggle switches to apply the change to all of the students above, below, or to select all of the students in the list at one time.
Liftoff can also be enabled or disabled for all students in a class by clicking on Enable or Disable under "Enable/Disable Liftoff for all students in the filtered results"
  1. You will also choose the Text To Speech settings for Liftoff in the same manner.
  1. You will set the Language Settings for Liftoff . Select the appropriate radio button. Toggle allows the student to choose English or Spanish before they begin a set of questions. Spanish Only translates the entire student website into Spanish, including the questions. English Only provides the student with English language throughout the website with no option to view in Spanish.
  1. Enabling Liftoff will allow your students to select the Liftoff Icon in the top-left corner of their dashboard.
  1. Once there, students need to complete at least one diagnostic test in order to get started on their individualized learning path called My Galaxies. If your student has taken the NWEA MAP test and you import those scores, then your student will not need to take a diagnostic test. Instead, they can get started right away in My Galaxies.

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