How do I add a District Admin user to our district account?

Updated by Zoe McCullough

A District Admin can follow these directions to create District Admin logins for other members of their team.

  1. On the District Admin home screen, click on the School Center icon on the left side of the screen in the side navigation menu.
  2. Click on User Management.
  3. Click on the third Manage District Users tab. Click on the blue Add District User button.
  4. In the Add/Edit District User pop-up screen, type the person's First Name, Last Name and create a username and password and enter their school email address. All of these fields are mandatory. Then click, Save.
  5. A confirmation will appear briefly in the top right corner of the screen.
  1. The added user will also appear in the list of district users at the bottom of the screen. Check the box next to their name and click on the Email Login Information link. Confirm by clicking OK in the pop-up box. The platform will automatically send their login information via email.

Here is a sample login information email that the new user will get:

You can also send the new user a link to our help article, "Where Can I Find a District Quick Start Guide for District Admins?", where they can download the guide and watch a 30-minute training video on navigating the District Admin portal.

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