How do I convert a school assessment to a district assessment?

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Step 1: Click "Assessment Center" from your district dashboard.

Step 2: Click "My Assessments" under the Assessments section.

Step 3: Click "Convert a School Assessment."

Step 4: Enter the assessment code to transfer an assessment from a school account to the district account. The assessment code can be provided by the campus admin. You will be able to edit the assessment content and settings once it's available in your district assessments list.

You can also find the assessment code by impersonating a school admin and copying the code from the Assessment bank.

How to Impersonate a Campus Admin to access the assessment code:

Step 5: On your district dashboard, click "School Center," and then select "User Management."

Step 6: Select the tab "Manage Teachers" then select a user that has the "Admin" access enabled. Click "Login" to impersonate that user.

Step 7: You will now be taken to the user's school admin dashboard. You will select "Assessment/Assignment Center."

Step 8: Select "My Assessments."

Step 9: Copy and paste the assessment code you would like to convert from a school assessment to a district assessment.

Step 10: You can then return to your account by clicking at the top of the dashboard, "Return to your account."

You will then follow steps 1-4 as described above.

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