How does a teacher view assessment results?

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  1.  Click Assessment/Assignment Center from your teacher dashboard.
  1. Click Assignment Bank from the Assignments section.
  1. Click on the number in the Results column. You must have at least one student result to view the results page.
  1.  The overall assessment average is displayed at the top of the page. By default, results are shown for all of your classes. Select a specific class if you'd like to only view data for one class at a time.
 The "Assign Remediation" button provides remediation practice for students who scored 80% or lower on the standard. To learn more about Quick Click Remediation, click here.
You can also view assessment results in My Assessments, Grade Book, the Class Results tab of the Gradebook, and the Assessment Results Export.
Viewing the Results Report from My Assessments:
If there are multiple attempts, the Student Dot Rank tab will show the average score.

Each student name will be hyperlinked to view more detail on their most recent attempt.

* Results Report, when accessed via the assessment bank, displays the average score. Results Report, when accessed via the assignment bank, displays the highest score attempt.

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