How do my students reattempt an assignment?

Updated by Rhonda McNamara

This is only applicable for Assignments that have more than "1" attempt enabled in the Assignment Settings. See this Help Doc on How to enable Multiple Attempts on an Assignment.
If students are unable to see their assignment to reattempt, the teacher will need to update the due date to a date in the future on those particular Reattempt Assignments. The students should then see the assignment to reattempt successfully.
  1. Students will go to their Assignments on their student dashboard.

Elementary Student View (K-1st Grade)

Elementary Student View (2nd-5th Grade)

Secondary Student View (6th-12th Grade)

  1. When students have submitted their practice, they can review their questions and answer choices.

Students will also have access to a Text and/or Video Explanation for any missed items, as well as their incorrect choice and the correct answer.

  1. Students will select Attempt Again to reattempt the assignment.

  1. Students will see the Begin Activity screen and click "Begin" in the bottom right corner to attempt the assignment again.

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