How do I assign an assessment?

Updated by Rhonda McNamara

If you have not created an assessment to assign to your students, click here to learn how to create an assessment and assign to your class.
  1. From the teacher dashboard select Assessment/Assignment Center.
  1. Click Assessment Bank from the Assessments section.
  1. Click on the icon in the Assign column to send the assessment to a class or individual students.

If you need to assign this assessment to more students after it has already been assigned, this is where you can complete this action.

  1. Click the class or individual student checkboxes to assign the assessment. You may also add individual accommodations for this assessment here. Then click "Save and Continue."
  1. Then assign any notes for the assessment. select your start and due date, and click "Save Assignment."
  1. Select your Start Date and Due Date. Select to Add to School Bank, and to Release item details after due date if you would like. You may also adjust the Number of attempts or set a Minimum Score Requirement. You may also choose to Allow Students to Retry Missed Items. Once you have all of your settings in place select "Save Assignment."
To learn more about how to Allowing Students to Retry Missed Items click here.

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