How do School Administrators view assessment results?

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  1. Select Assessment/Assignment Center from the left-side menu.
  1. Click on "Assessment Bank."
  1. From either "My Assessment Bank" or "Full Assessment Bank", click on the hyperlink in the Results column.
  1. The report will load. At the top, you may select a view by standard or a view by domain. In the "Class" drop-down menu, select all classes combined, or one class. View the "School Dot Rank" tab if you chose "all classes."
  1. Click on the "Student Dot Rank" tab to view individual student results organized by domain and standard.
  1. Click on the "Completion Status" tab to view the number of students who were assigned the assessment, have completed it, how many are not turned in yet, and how many students took the assessment by code. Note that only district assessments can be taken by code. Export this tab to view the list of students who are in the pending category.
  1. Click on the "Item Analysis" tab. Here, you can view individual results for your class on the assignment or assessment. Each question is hyperlinked to click on and view the specific question details. You can also view, under each question number, the class average on how the class answered on individual questions.

Identifiers in this report:

  • Check Mark - Correct Responses
  • X - Incorrect Responses
  • P - Partially Correct
  • Dash (-) - Question was skipped
  1. Click on the "Assessment Mastery" tab. You will find a breakdown of the percentage of students who mastered and did not master the assessment. 80% or above in considered mastery in Progress Learning.
For information about other reports that are available in Progress Learning, see our help article --> What types of reports are available in Progress Learning?

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