How do I assign a video lesson to my students?

Updated by Rhonda McNamara

  1. From your teacher Dashboard, click on the Assessment/Assignment Center in the menu bar on the left-hand side.
  1. Under Assign, click "Assignment Builder."
  1. Create the "Assignment Name" and select the "Subject."
  1. Click on "Video Lesson."
  1. Select a "Domain" and "Standard(s)". From the videos that appear, choose the box next to the one(s) you want to assign and click "Save and Continue".
  1. Assign to a class or classes. Click "Save and Continue".

  1. Provide optional notes with your assignment. Add text or a video message to include additional instructions or comments. Click "Save and Continue."
  1. Set the Start Date and Due Date. Adding the Video assignment to your school's assignment bank is also an option, as is having the item's scoring details automatically released to students following the due date. Enter the "Number of attempts" or "Minimum Score Requirement" (optional). Click "Save Assignment."
If you have created the assignment with more than task, you can have students answer them in a specific order or in any order they choose.

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