What recent features, enhancements, and fixes have been released in Progress Learning?

Our product and development teams are working hard to roll out many new features and enhancements. Below is a summary of new features, enhancements, and fixes that have been released this school year!

Student Activities within Instructional Resources

Browse instructional materials to assist students with goal-setting, getting started, student engagement, and additional classroom resources.

Student Activities found within Instructional Resources

Released: May 1st, 2024


Keyword Search in Assessment Builder

The ability to search by keyword or phrase has been added to our Assessment Builder! You can use any combination of words or phrases and narrow down to any questions and answers that contain those keywords.

Released: February 28th, 2024


Constructed Response items in Assessments

We have added the ability to add Constructed Response items to your Assessments! Any Progress Learning Constructed Response items and your own authored Constructed Response items can now be found within the Assessment Builder.

Released: February 16th, 2024


Student Report Card

The Student Report Card will show a graphical representation, by student, of progress over time within each subject associated with the students classes. You can access this report via Reports or the Gradebook → Assignments tab by selecting the student's name.

Released: February 1st, 2024


Partial Submits

For any assessment or practice test a student attempts, a new Exit button has been added. This button will allow the student to leave any questions unanswered and submit their activity. The student will receive a pop-up message informing them that any unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect upon submission and they may either accept or return to their activity.

Released: November 30th, 2023


Upgrade Trials

Within Instructional Resources or from your Account tab within School Center → Account Information you may now request a 30 day trial for licenses your school is not currently subscribed to! This will give you time to explore all the great content that we provide for a particular subject without being charged.

Released: September 27th, 2023

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