How do I create a BOY (Beginning-of-year) assessment?

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At the beginning of the year, use Progress Learning to create a Beginning-of-Year (BOY) assessment to diagnose any learning gaps from the "summer slide".

Option #1:

In the Assessment Builder, use the "Question Quick Pick" feature to quickly create a summative assessment that can also be used as a diagnostic. The platform will automatically select questions to create an assessment that is similar to your state test.

This option is available for every state, grade level, and subject area.
  1. From the Teacher Dashboard, click on the "Assessment/Assignment Center" icon in the navigation menu on the left side of the screen.
  1. Click "Assessment Builder."
  1. In the "Content" tab, give your assessment a name and choose a subject. Consider choosing a grade level below to remediate last year's content and address any learning gaps from the "summer slide."

  1. Click "Question Quick Pick," then choose the length of your Assessment. Then click the "Save and Preview" button.
The Assessment will be built according to the percentage weight of each domain as identified by the blueprints established by your state.
  1. On the "Preview" tab, choose the Settings that you want to go along with Assessment. You may also Preview, Replace, or Reorder the questions chosen in the Quick Pick process.
  • To reorder click and drag the dots to the left of the item stem.
  • To preview or replace the entire item, click the "Preview or Replace" link.
  • Next, you may four options:
    • Replace Question- they system provides 5 alternative questions from the same Standard; you may choose one to replace your highlighted question.
    • Previous Question- go back to the previous question in the generated Assessment.
    • Remove Question- take the question out of the Assessment, reducing your question total by one.
    • Next Question- go forward to the next question in the generated Assessment.

  1. Click "Save Assessment" or "Save and Assign" to finish the process.

Option #2:

For states that have pre-built diagnostic pre-tests available, activate the pre-test for the students and use this as a beginning-of-year assessment.

This option is only available in certain states and for certain grades and/or subjects. See the help article below for more information. ** If your state does not have a pre-built diagnostic pre-test, use Option #1 **

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