Where do I find Premium Assessments and how do I assign them?

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Premium Assessments are assessments that contain questions that will not be found anywhere else on the platform. These Premium Assessments include State Practice Assessments, Pre and Post Diagnostics, and SAT/ACT Prep.
  • State Practice Tests: These tests are mock EOC or state tests. They are a great resource for teachers to use a few weeks before the exam. The tests cover the same material that the state test will cover (same "blueprint"), and they will have the same number of questions as your state test. Click here to learn more.
  • Pre-and Post-Diagnostics: These are available to Texas teachers. Each pre and post test includes two questions per standard. Therefore, if a student takes one of these tests, your progress report will be complete with a colorful dot and data for every single standard. The drawback to administering these tests are simply the length of each test. Use discretion as to whether it's best to administer a pre- or post- test vs the Question Quick Pick. Click here to learn more about Question Quick Pick.
  • SAT/ACT - These tests are great because you can assign several practice tests throughout the year to track progress, and each test is unique with different questions.

  1. From your teacher dashboard select Assessment/Assignment Center

  1. Select Assignment Builder.

  1. Give the assignment a name and choose the subject. You will then see the "Premium Assessments" section listing what is available for the subject chosen.

  1. Check the box next to the Premium Assessment that you would like to assign to your students.
  1. Choose a class.

  1. Create an optional text or video note for your students.
  1. Assign a Start Date and an End Date. Then click "Save Assessment".
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