How do I create an Assignment?

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  1. Click the Assessment/Assignment Center icon in the menu bar on the left-hand side of the teacher dashboard.
  1. Click on the Assignment Builder link in the Assign box.
  1. On the "Content" tab, begin by giving the assignment a name and selecting a grade level and subject area.
  • Build the assignment by selecting the desired components from any of five options:
    • Option 1 - Assessment: This allows you to include a pre-built Premium Assessments (* where available) or an assessment that you have already created in the Assessment Builder. Clicking on the Assessment option will pull a list of your previously created Assessments to assign. (To learn how to create an Assessment, click here.)

Check the box next to any assessment(s) that you would like to assign.

  • Option 2 - Summative and Domain Practice Tests: This option allows you to include auto-generated tests. You can choose to include any of the following:
    • Summative Tests - select a Small, Medium, or Large summative test.
    • Domain Test - assign a Domain-specific test.
These auto-generated tests have randomly selected questions. Teachers cannot choose specific questions with these options and they cannot preview the questions before assigning them to students. If teachers want the ability to choose their own questions or see the questions before assigning, we recommend that teachers build their own assessments in the Assessment Builder instead.
  • Option 3 - Practice Questions: Assigns a set of 10 randomly selected practice questions from a specific standard. Pick one or more Domains. Then select the Standard(s) you want to be assigned.
You can choose the "Combine into single activity" option and merge the selected standards into a single set of 10 auto-generated questions.
  • Option 4 - Video Lessons: You can select one or more of our instructional videos to include in your assignment. Search for videos by Domain and Standard. Select any video(s) you would like to assign.
  • Option 5 - Constructed Response: You can add one or more constructed response questions to your assignment. Search for constructed response questions by Domain and Standard.
    • To search for just your authored questions, check the "Only View My Authored Constructed Response Questions" box.
    • Click on the blue question title link to preview the question.
    • Click on the Key icon to generate a suggested answer key to help you grade the students' work.
Reminder: Constructed Response Questions are the only items that require teachers to grade work. They are not graded automatically.
  1. When you have made all of your selections, scroll up and click Save and Continue.
  1. On the Classes tab, select the class(es) and/or individual students that will get this assignment. Click on the plus sign next to a class to expand the menu and see the students' names.
  • You also have the option to save the assignment without assigning it at this time by checking the box next to Create Assignment without assigning to a Class.
  • You can choose to enable accommodations of reduced answer choices, text-to-speech, and Spanish/English language translation.
  • Click "Save and Continue" to save your selections before moving on to the next step.
  1. On the Notes tab, you can choose to have either a text or video note pop up on the student's screen before they begin working. This is optional. If you don't want to leave a note, select No Notes and then click Save and Continue.
  1. On the Settings tab, select a due date and a start date for your assignment. Students will not be able to see or begin work on the assignment until the start date. They can continue to work on it after the due date, but it will show as pink (past due) on their screens. The results for assignments completed after the due date will also show as pink (past due) in your teacher's grade book.
  • To share the assignment with other teachers, click on "Add to School Bank" under the start and due dates. If you have included an Assessment in the group, it must be shared, as well.
  • To sync the assignment and grades with Google Classroom or with Canvas, click on the respective button(s).
    • Click here for more information about syncing assignments to Google Classroom.
    • Click here for more information about syncing assignments to Canvas.

List of Available Assignment Settings:

Assignment Setting

What It Does

Where to Find It

Complete activities in specific order

This allows teachers to set the specific order in which the assigned activities will be completed. If left unchecked, students can work in any order they choose.

Release item details after due date

This setting hides all item details (excluding scores) from students until the due date has passed. This applies to all activity types excluding user-authored assessments. User-authored assessment settings must be managed in Assessment Builder.

Drag and Drop Icon

To change the order, use the "egg crate" in the far left column to drag and drop the activities into the desired order.

Number of Attempts

Teachers can allow the students to have multiple attempts for this specific activity. Teachers can select from 1-5 or unlimited attempts.

Minimum Score Requirement

Allows teachers to set a minimum score that the students must achieve to complete an activity. The students will be prompted to try again until they've reached the minimum score or higher.

(** This setting can be changed and set to "none" if you find that there are students struggling to reach the minimum score.)

Allow Students to Retry Missed Items

If activated, students will be prompted to retry any questions they've missed. They are only given this option one time after they've clicked submit and will not see it again for this activity. The retry cannot be saved to finish later. Students must complete it in the same login session.

NOTE: Retry is NOT allowed for Practice Questions, Videos, or Constructed Response Questions. It is also not allowed if the teacher has already selected multiple attempts or a minimum score requirement.

Maximum Character Limit

Allows teachers to set a character limit for students' answers to constructed response questions. Teachers can enter the number of characters allowed or select "unlimited".

Maximum Point Value

Teachers must assign a point value for any constructed response questions. If this step is omitted, the teacher will receive an error message prompting them to set a point value.

  1. Be sure to click "Save Assignment" to save your assignment.

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