How do I accommodate the learning needs of my students?

Progress Learning offers many ways to accommodate the many needs of your students.

Creating Assessments

  • DOK: When creating Assessments, you can add items based specifically on their Depth of Knowledge.
  • Duplicate Assessments: You can create an Assessment for the majority of your students, then duplicate and edit the settings and items to accommodate the learning needs of specific students.

Instructional Resources

  • Larger font sizes are available for students:
    • when working on their own.
    • when authoring your own questions.


  • All videos include transcripts.


  • Assignments can be set to allow for multiple attempts or can require a minimum score.

Build Language Acquisition

  • English and Spanish settings
    • Students select "Spanish" or "English" prior to beginning their 10 questions in the "Practice" portion of their Study Plan.

Accessibility Features

  • Student Practice includes multiple features.
  • Accessibility: students can change background color, font size, or zoom in/out on the question.
  • Review: students can review all questions.
  • Notepad & Sticky Note: students can add notes to help them work through a question.
  • Drawing Mode: student can draw on the screen to help them work through a question.
  • Response Masking: students can eliminate answer choices while working through a question.

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