How do I create a benchmark or diagnostic assessment?

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1. From the homepage, select Assessment/Assignment Center from the left side menu.

2. Select Assessment Builder.

3. Type in the Assessment Name. Choose the subject from the drop-down menu. Update the settings as needed*. You can add tags, which serve to categorize your assessments. You can share the assessment with other teachers. You can have control over the amount of detail that students can view when they turn in the assessment. You can display the questions in random order. Click Save and Continue. *District administrators and school administrators have additional settings to choose from.

4. Select Progress Learning Will Select the Questions.

5. Select the size of the test. The best practice is to select a large-sized test. Notice the blueprint of the test is provided. Click Save and Preview.

If this is a state-tested subject, the blueprint is that of the state test. If this is a non-state-tested subject, the blueprint is divided evenly based on the number of standards in each domain.

6. In the Preview tab, you can make final changes. For example, click on the "x" to delete the question. Click on student view to preview the question. Drag and drop the questions into the order that you prefer using the two-column "double kabob" icon to the left. If you need to add questions to the assessment, click on the Content tab and choose "I will select the questions" to select additional questions. Click Save Assessment or Save and Assign.

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