How do I author my own Constructed Response question?

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Constructed Response questions were previously known as Free Response or Short Answer questions.
Creating a Constructed Response Question
  1. On your teacher dashboard, click the Assessment/Assignment Center menu option.
  1. Click Question Builder under My Authored Questions.
  1. Select the Subject, Domain, Standard, and DOK level for the question you will author. Then select the Question Type, Written & Record to author your own Constructed Response question. Then choose Written and Recorded-Constructed Response.
  1. Next, type your question stem. You can also "Preview" prior to saving. Click "Save and Continue" to review your question.
  1. Review your question and click either "Go back & Modify" or "Save and Continue."
  1. Your authored Constructed Response question will be saved in your library of authored questions within MyQuestion Bank under My Authored Questions.
  1. In your question bank titled Manage My Questions you can "Edit", "Duplicate" or "Delete" your Constructed Response question.
These are questions that you authored. They will NOT appear in the Progress Learning question database and will NOT be accessible by other teachers at your school. They are available for quick access when creating assessments.

Assigning Your Constructed Response Question
  1. To use your authored Constructed Response question in an assignment, you will select the option Assignment Builder under Assignments.
  1. Provide an Assignment Name and choose the Subject. You will then select the assignment option Constructed Response.

Select the checkbox "Only View My Authored Constructed Response Questions".

  1. Filter which Domain and Standard(s) you created the Constructed Response question under, and then select the checkbox of your authored Constructed Response Question. Click "Save and Continue" to assign.
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