K-12 Bulletin Boards and Alien Ranking Cards

Updated by Gayle McKee

Bulletin Boards

Highlight student achievement by creating a Progress Learning Bulletin Board showing Alien Rankings, Galaxy Stars, and/or Green Dots! This will help celebrate every student as they master state standards in Progress Learning and/or Liftoff. Elementary teachers will find information about and materials for Alien Rankings in the first half of the article. Secondary teachers will find information on the Green Dot Challenge in the second half of the article.

You can create an inspirational bulletin board that informs students about a current goal. An interactive bulletin board that allows students to move their star or spaceship down the wall as they progress in rankings or a competitive bulletin board that tracks the data you are focusing on as a team. Use the links below to download the printable alien ranking card sets.

Click here to view the Bulletin Board Contest Entries from 2021-2022 school year.

Click here to view Bulletin Board Contest Winners from 2022-2023 school year.

Digital Bulletin Board

Celebrate your students' progress virtually with a digital bulletin board using the guide below. (Created with Google Slides)

The Green Dot Challenge

Set up a Green Dot Challenge Bulletin Board!

Alien Ranking Cards

Some elementary and primary teachers like to use our Alien Ranking Coloring Pages to reward students with a fun coloring activity when they earn a new rank!

Student Certificates

Download our elementary school blank student certificates to print in advance and write in students’ names as they earn each Alien Ranking.

Galaxy Star Challenge

Motivate students to use Progress Learning and Liftoff with a Galaxy Star Challenge. Track how many Galaxy Stars students have earned, and celebrate growth and mastery of their learning standards.

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