Do I need to re-sync mid-year NWEA results with Liftoff?

Updated by Gayle McKee

Re-syncing mid-year NWEA results with Liftoff is optional, and is not done automatically. There are some very important things to know and consider before performing a mid-year sync. Re-syncing mid-year will overwrite any previous scores. That could result in a change in student rocket placement, number of Galaxy Stars earned, and Alien Ranks. Please be sure to read our help article below before syncing your mid-year scores.

Re-syncing mid-year will shift student rocket placement. Their rockets may move up or down in certain areas depending on their new RIT scores. Some students may even see their rockets suddenly move to the top galaxy and will no longer have any additional practice to complete in Liftoff.
The shifting of rockets also may affect the number of galaxy stars earned. The hope is that the students actually perform better during their mid-year NWEA testing and will be rewarded with more stars than they had before the resync, but in the case of a student that may have experienced learning loss or regression, there is a potential for the student to lose galaxy stars. If the number of Galaxy Stars earned is affected, then the student Alien Rank may also change.

Since re-syncing does result in the shifting of the student's rockets, some schools may prefer to not re-sync mid-year and would like to continue to allow students to work through their Liftoff Galaxies.

For schools that would like to re-sync their NWEA scores mid-year, please see our help article below for more information. Admins can also contact our Technical Support Team for help by sending an email to

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