Can I sequester certain questions in Progress Learning?

Updated by Gayle McKee

Teachers and Administrators often ask if it is possible to flag specific questions in our item bank so that they do not appear in the student's independent study plans. The most common reason for this request is that the question will be used on a teacher-created assessment.

Unfortunately, this cannot be done at this time but there are some important things to consider:

  • There are thousands of questions in our item bank! While it is possible that a student may see the same question more than once in their study plans, it is very unlikely.
  • There are certain questions that will never appear in the Assessment Builder or in student Study Plans. Questions from our pre-made diagnostics and Premium Assessments live in a separate item bank and are not available in the general Assessment Builder item bank. Those questions will also not appear in the students' study plans.
  • You can use our questions and modify them by authoring your own questions in the Question Builder. This allows you to have a bank of questions that you've created that only you can access.

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