How do teachers and students access Videos?

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There are 3 areas in the Progress Learning platform where Videos can be accessed.

Instructional Resources - Projector Videos

Videos are a great way to introduce a new standard to the class. They are also great for group and classroom activities.

  1. From the homepage, go to Instructional Resources.
  2. Select a grade and a subject.
  1. In the Online Resources section, click on Videos.
  1. Next, you can browse the list by Title or Thumbnail to find the video you want. Each domain has its own section.

  1. Click on the Title or Thumbnail to open the video and questions display.
You can expand the video to hide the questions before showing the video.

Assignment Builder - Video Lesson Assignment From Teachers

Teachers can assign Video Lessons for students to complete.

  1. From My Dashboard, click on Assessment/Assignment Center.
  1. Under Assign, click on Assignment Builder.
  1. Once you've filled out the Assignment name and Subject fields, click on Video Lesson.
  2. Select your domain and standard and choose the Video you wish to assign. Then continue the assignment process after clicking Save and Continue.

Study Plan - Video Lessons

Students will have access to Video Lessons in their Study Plan.

K-1st View

2nd-5th View

6th-12th View

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