Mentoring + Teamwork = Success

Updated by Alek Turner

Ruth Licon is the Innovative Technology Support Teacher at Sageland MicroSociety Elementary in Ysleta ISD in El Paso, Texas. Mrs. Licon provides technology support and training on campus.

Sageland MicroSociety Elementary recently purchased Education Galaxy by Progress Learning. It was now up to Mrs. Licon to educate the teachers and students about their new resource. The primary grades struggled with implementation, and she needed them to experience the awesomeness of Education Galaxy by Progress Learning.

First, she set up a schedule to help the primary teachers and students log into the program. She presented to each class once a week, for three weeks. She installed a website shortcut icon on all the iPad devices, so the students would have easy access to the program. Getting logged in became the easy part. Once students were logged in, they didn’t know what to click on or how to navigate the program.

Mrs. Licon began to brainstorm. Upper elementary students were already experiencing growth and success mastering standards with Education Galaxy by Progress Learning. She decided to ask a few sixth-grade students for their help. These particular sixth graders are ELL students who sometimes struggle with confidence in class. She wanted to find a way to build some confidence with these sixth graders. So, Mrs. Licon brought these students into a first-grade classroom to help mentor and support the first-graders while using Education Galaxy by Progress Learning. The sixth graders were so thoughtful and helpful in showing the students which buttons to push, sharing some strategies, and giving useful hints to navigate the program and earn their galaxy stars.

This specific class is now soaring with Education Galaxy by Progress Learning. The students are always running down the hall to tell Mrs. Licon how many stars they have earned. The sixth graders asked to help again, so this time they went into a kindergarten classroom. The teachers were surprised at how well the sixth graders worked with the little ones. The sixth graders and Mrs. Licon will now be visiting the rest of the primary classrooms.

This was a WIN-WIN for all the students involved! The primary grades were no longer frustrated, and the sixth-grade students felt validated and gained the confidence they needed. 

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