How do students earn Galaxy Stars in Progress Learning?

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Below is a list of how elementary students in grades K-5 earn Galaxy Stars for their on-grade level practice in Progress Learning.

Students will earn Galaxy Stars for:

Students will not earn Galaxy Stars for:

  • On grade-level practice questions completed within the study plan
  • On grade-level assigned practice questions
  • On grade-level assigned remediation
  • Mixed standards practice questions
  • Assessments, diagnostics, or tests
  • Below grade-level work in their Study Plan
  • Above grade-level work in their Study Plan

Students will earn a maximum of 3 Galaxy Stars if they score 100%, 2 Galaxy Stars if they score 80% or higher, or 1 Galaxy Star if they score 70% - 79%. No stars are earned for scores below 70%

Students can only earn a max of 3 stars for any standard. They can continue to practice that standard each day, but once they've earned 3 stars, they will not earn any additional stars in that particular standard.
Skills mastered in My Galaxies of Liftoff earn Galaxy Stars. These Galaxy Stars are a separate reward system from the on-grade level practice completed in the Progress Learning Study Plan.

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