How do I create a class?

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If you are using Clever or Classlink, please click here for instructions.
  1. From the home page, click on the Create Class button.
  1. Type in the Class Name. Choose a Class Color. Set a Class Start Time and Class End Time. Select "Add Class."
  1. Click on Add Students.

Use the Grade drop-down menu to filter the student list by grade level. Use the Name/Student id search bar to search for a specific student. Click on a letter of the alphabet to search by the first letter of the last name. Check the box next to a student name to roster them into your class. Click Add Students.

Click OK to confirm.

  1. This is an optional step. Click Teacher from the left-side menu. Click "Add Teacher" to share this class with another teacher who needs access to the data for this class.

Select the teacher(s) who needs to be added to your class and click Add Teacher. They will automatically be set as the secondary teachers.

Click Ok to confirm

You can change the status of a teacher from Primary by using the "star" icon. Only one teacher may have the yellow star which indicates the Primary teacher.

  1. Click Subjects from the left-side menu. Click Add Subject to choose the subject areas that you teach for this class period.

Click on the box next to each subject that you want to add. You may check as many boxes as you need for that class. Click Add.

Click Ok to confirm.

  1. Click Settings from the left-side menu. Here, enable/disable skills practice for K-8 Math and Reading. Use the toggle to switch this feature on or off for individual students. Use the three dots next to any toggle to apply that setting to the entire column of students, or to only those students who fall below that row.

Look for the green check mark in the top right-hand corner to confirm that your changes have been saved automatically.

With Progress Learning, you can create small groups to help differentiate the subjects assigned to students in their Study Plans, as well as, helping filter the data that is exported with reports.
To create small groups for differentiation of practice and viewing data in reports, you will create Classes for each small group needed.
  1. There are a number of other tools to access on your Class page.
  • Password Card: Print off individual password cards for your students.
  • Archive Class: It will be hidden from on you Dashboard, but the results and data will still be there.
  • Class Password: This allows you to create a 3-12 character password that students will enter to join the class. Only secondary students may join a class. Having students join your class prevents you from having to roster students in Step 3, above.
  • Arcade Lock: 6-12 graders have a Game Arcade. You can lock students out of the arcade during a specific time each day (i.e. your class time).

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