How do students use the Spanish Toggle translation feature for practice?

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To learn how to enable Spanish translation for your students, click here.
There are three language settings teaches can enable for students with Spanish translation:

Option 1: If you select "Toggle," this will allow students to select whether they want to view their questions in English or Spanish prior to beginning their practice.

Option 2: If you select "Spanish Only," all practice questions and text will appear in Spanish.

Option 3: If you select "None," then all practice questions and text will appear in English.

If a student has the "Toggle" option selected for Spanish translation they will follow the steps below.

Student View: Spanish Toggle Translation

Step 1: When a student begins an assignment, assessment, or practice within their Study Plan they will see a pop-up to select English or Spanish.

The language they select will determine which language all questions will be set to for that specific activity.

If a student selects the wrong language prior to beginning the questions, they can close out of the activity, reopen the activity, and re-select the language they need to view the questions as.

Step 2: After the student selects English or Spanish, they will click "Begin" to start the questions in their practice.

Student Videos:

You can use these videos to show to your students as support on how to use the "Toggle" feature for practicing in English or Spanish.

Video in English:

Video in Spanish:

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