How do I add leading zeros in Excel?

Updated by Rhonda McNamara

  1. Open the student file that matches the Progress Learning bulk upload format. The file shown has 4 digit usernames.

  1. Select column I and format as Text.

  1. In the formula bar for cell J2, enter the formula

=TEXT(A2, "00####").

Note: Column J should be formatted as "General". Please ensure that there is a space after the , and before ".

  1. You will see a resulting number with two leading zeros.

  1. Drag the bottom right corner of cell J2 to apply the formula to the remaining cells.

  1. Select and copy the new values in column J.

  1. Click in Cell I2 and choose Paste Special - Values.

  1. Select the Caution icon and choose "Ignore Error".

  1. Delete the numerical values in columns J and A.

  1. Select the values in column I and choose "Cut".

  1. Paste the values from column A into Cells A2-A11.

  1. Select the Caution icon and Choose "Ignore Error". Save the file and upload it to the Progress Learning platform.

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