How do students earn galaxy stars in Liftoff?

Updated by Gayle McKee

  1. Students must first take at least one of the 4 Math Diagnostics or one of the 3 Reading Diagnostics in order to work in the My Galaxies section of Liftoff. If your school uses NWEA MAP testing, the results can be integrated and will replace the diagnostics. Students will click on My Galaxies to access their rockets once this is done.
  1. Students will then choose one of their rockets and attempt the 10 questions for that topic. A yellow star by the topic indicates mastery with a minimum score of 80%.

As students work independently in Liftoff, they can earn galaxy stars each time they master a topic. Students demonstrate mastery with a score of 80% or higher and they earn 1 star for each mastered topic or skill.

  1. Students can track how many galaxy stars they've earned in Liftoff on their home screen.
For Teachers: To see how many stars students have earned in Liftoff, teachers can generate a Liftoff Galaxy Star Report. Click here for more information on pulling this report.

Use our Galaxy Star Punch Cards and Student Encouragement Cards to motivate your students to keep up with their progress.

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