Clever & Classlink FAQs

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How do we get started with the integration?

Let us know that you're interested and we can forward your request to our Customer Support team at [email protected] so that they can walk you through setting up the integration.

How long does it take to get integrated with Clever or ClassLink?

Typically within 24-48 hours of the data being shared via Clever or ClassLink.

Do you support class rostering?

Yes, the integration will roster classes and students for teachers. All a teacher needs to do to roster the class is sign in and add subjects to the class to get started using the platform.

Does the integration support SSO (single sign-on)?

Yes, students and teachers can sign in via Clever or ClassLink.

What roles does Progress Learning support syncing via Clever/ClassLink?

Progress Learning only supports syncing student, teacher, and admin roles. District administrators will need to be created to sign in manually and not via SSO.

What field does Progress Learning use to create accounts?

Progress Learning maps users primarily by credentials.districtusername in Clever and username in ClassLink. If the usernames being shared match accounts in Progress Learning, no duplicate accounts will be created by the integration.

*Classes will be archived by Clever/ClassLink if the classes are no longer being shared with Progress Learning.

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