How do I see how many galaxy stars my students have earned in Liftoff?

Updated by Rhonda McNamara

When students work independently in Liftoff, they earn galaxy stars and increase their Alien Rankings. School admins and teachers can see how many stars a student has earned by viewing the Liftoff Galaxy Star Report.

The galaxy stars earned in Liftoff are separate from the stars that can be earned in Progress Learning and are tracked on this special report just for Liftoff. This report can be used to measure the performance of students using Liftoff™️ by tracking the # of Galaxy stars earned out of the total stars per subject and their current alien ranking across all subjects. You are also able to print certificates to reward students as they move up in Alien Rank.

Follow these steps to view the Liftoff Galaxy Star Report.

  1. From your Teacher Dashboard, select Reports.
  1. On the Reports page, scroll down to the Liftoff Reports section and select Liftoff Galaxy Star Report.
  1. Select a Liftoff subject area to run this report. You can also add additional filters to the data by selecting a "Class", "Grade", and "Alien Ranking". Click “Run Report”.

  1. The report will list each student as well as how many galaxy stars they have earned in that specified Liftoff subject area and how many they have earned overall in Liftoff. You can also see the student's current Alien Ranking and download a certificate that can be used to motivate and celebrate students' achievements in the program.

The report is printable and it is exportable to Excel. Teachers can also print the Alien Ranking certificates for an entire class all at once using the "Print Class Certificates" button.

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