Classroom Management Tools and Settings

Updated by Gayle McKee

You have several settings/options at the top of each class. To customize your class settings, you will need to navigate to each class by going to Class Management. This can be found in the Class Center or on the teacher dashboard under My Classes

Student Password Cards

  1. From your teacher dashboard, select Class Center, then select Class Management.
  1.   Select a class.

  1. Select Password Card.
  1. Select Print.

Archive Class

Archiving a class allows you to hide that class from your class list.

Class Password

This setting allows you to require a password when students ask to join your class

Arcade Lock

This setting allows you to lock the Secondary (6-12) student arcade during a set time range. We do not recommend that you lock the arcade during the entire school day as some teachers will want to use this feature as an incentive/reward time during their class period.

Delete Class

Use caution as this button will delete the selected class.

Connect to Google Classroom/Canvas

If you have your Google or Canvas classroom connected to Progress Learning, you will want to activate it using these buttons.

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