Admin Steps for NWEA Mapping

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We strongly recommend that NWEA scores be uploaded first before enabling Liftoff for students.
After your District NWEA admin adds Progress Learning as a data partner, click here to learn more. A school admin will need to follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Log in to a school administrator account.

Step 2: Click on "School Center" and select "NWEA Mapping."

Step 3: Select a grade level and click the "Start Mapping" button.

You will need to follow these steps for each grade level.

Step 4: The Mapped Students will appear in the top box; scroll down to the bottom to see if any students are still in the Unmapped Students box.

Step 5: If all students are in the Mapped Students box, the process is complete. You will then repeat these steps for all grade levels that take the MAP test.

Step 6: If students are in the Unmapped box, follow the steps below to complete the process.

Note: Students may not map for various reasons; for example, they have multiple first or last names listed, they may not have taken their MAP test yet, or there are multiple students with the same name and the system didn’t know which student to put the data with, etc.

An administrator must help with any unmapped students. Progress Learning does not have access to student information to know where to match results and students.
If students are in the Unmapped Student box:

Step 1: Click "Map" next to the student name and a search box will pop up.

Step 2: Clear either the first or last name and click "Search."

*Leaving the more specific name usually works best to help narrow down the correct student.

Step 3: Then, click the "Map" button next to the correct student to link the MAP data.

Step 4: The student should now be moved into the Mapped Students box.

Step 5: Repeat these steps for all unmapped students who have completed the MAP test.

A teacher or campus admin MUST enable Liftoff for students. Click here to learn more.

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