How do I view diagnostic results?

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Step 1: Click "Reports" or your "Grade Book" on your dashboard.

If you click "Reports," then click "Grade Book."

Step 2: Click the "Class Results" tab.

Make sure you have selected a class at the top

Step 3: Under the filter option "Activity," select "Diagnostics." Then click "Run Report."

Step 4: You can then view your student's diagnostic completion date, diagnostic completed, their score, and view a detail summary of their results by clicking "View."

To learn how to export your diagnostic results to excel, click here.
To learn how to activate a diagnostic pre-test or post-test, click here.
Middle and high school teachers will see a yellow ‘Some Study Required’ in reporting. Students can also find the yellow 'Some Study Required" in their diagnostic report, however students will only see green or pink standards from the student dot rank as the measurement is different in their Study Plan. Click here to learn more.

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