What kind of diagnostic tests are available in Progress Learning?

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Our pre-built diagnostic pre-test and post-test are currently available for customers in the state of Texas in the following subject areas: K-8 Math, K-8 Reading, 3-8 Science, 3-5 & 8 Social Studies.
If you teach a subject that doesn't have a pre-built diagnostic assessment, don't worry: you are able to create a diagnostic assessment! Click here to learn how: How do I create a diagnostic assessment?

If you teach one of the subjects in Texas listed above, follow the directions below to activate the pre-test or post-test. We recommend administering the diagnostic pre-test in the late fall before winter break and then administering the diagnostic post-test 30 days prior to your state assessment for each subject area.

  1.  From your teacher dashboard, click on Assessment/Assignment Center.
  1. Click on the Assignment Builder under Assignments.
  1. Fill in your "Assessment Name" and "Subject". Including "Tags" is optional. You will then see the Premium Assessments which include the Pre-Test, Post-Test and the STAAR Practice Test.
  1. Click on the box next to the Premium Assessment that you want to assign.
  1. Assign to a Class...
  1. ... add Notes (optional)...
  1. ...and assign the Start Date and Due Date. Click Save Assignment.

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