How do I assign an assessment?

Updated 2 months ago by Rhonda McNamara

Let's take a look at how to assign an assessment that has been previously created or assigned to your students.

If you have not created an assessment to assign to your students, click here to learn how to create an assessment and assign to your class.

Step 1: Click the "Assessment/Assignment Center" from your teacher dashboard.

Step 2: Click "My Assessments" from the "Assessments" section.

Step 3: View a list of all of your assessments in your assessment library. Click under the column "Assign" and click on the "person" icon to add the assessment to a class or individual students.

If you need to assign this assessment to more students after it has already been assigned, this is where you can complete this action.

Step 4: Click the class or individual student checkboxes to assign the assessment. Then click "Save and Continue."

Step 5: Then assign any notes for the assessment, select your start and due date, and click "Save Assignment."

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