What recent features, enhancements, and fixes have been released in Progress Learning?

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Our product and development teams are working hard to roll out many new features and enhancements. Below is a summary of new features, enhancements, and fixes that have been recently released.

Feature, Enhancement, or Fix



Domain, Standard, and DOK info for Questions

Question previews were updated to include the subject name, domain name, standard information, and DOK.

Nov. 17

Standard Codes Added

Standard codes were added to the assessment results export.

Nov. 17

Question Type Name Updates

Question type names were updated within Assessment Builder to make it easier to find the specific technology-enhanced items and performance tasks you need.

Nov. 17

Gradebook Exports

Export to Excel functionality was added to Gradebook and Class Results.

Nov. 17

Assessment Results Column

A link to assessment results within the assessment list was added. This will allows teachers and administrators to access overall assessment results.

Nov. 1

Liftoff Class Galaxy Summary Report

Students will be grouped by galaxy and will also show students that have not yet completed a Liftoff Diagnostic.

Nov. 4

Score mismatch for Multi-point Items

A correction was made for the mismatch between the teacher and student results views. This error occurred when items worth more than one point were included in assessments.

Sept. 30

Next Activity Button in Group Assignments

A button was added on the results screen to allow students to navigate to the next activity in a group assignment.

Sept. 30

Back Button Cheat Fix

We blocked the ability for students to use the back button to switch answers or retake activities.

Sept. 30

Admin Filter To View All Assessments

School administrators can now filter to the full assessment bank and export results for any school or teacher-built assessment.

Sept. 23

Item Analysis

An item analysis tab was added to the results report. Detailed information about this feature is available here.

Sept. 16

Quick Click Remediation

Quick click remediation includes the ability to assign remediation after students have completed an assessment or test. Teachers can also use the quick-click feature to create assignments directly from the class or student progress reports. Detailed information about this feature is available here.

Sept. 2

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