What recent features, enhancements, and fixes have been released in Progress Learning?

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Our product and development teams are working hard to roll out many new features and enhancements. Below is a summary of new features, enhancements, and fixes that have been recently released.

Feature, Enhancement, or Fix



Assessment Comparison

With Assessment Comparison, teachers, admins, and district admins will be able to compare student results between two assessments.

May 8

Resource Center

The Progress Learning Resource Center includes helpful guides and resources, announcements, and an interactive feedback module.

Apr. 12

Video Library in Instructional Resources

Within Instructional Resources, teachers and administrators can access the video library for the selected subject.

Apr. 5

Retry Missed Items

An assignment setting was added to give teachers the option to allow students to retry missed items after completing an assessment or test. Retry score information can be viewed by students and is also visible within the gradebook for teachers.

Mar. 31

Game Arcade

Students in grades 6-12 are rewarded with tokens for completing activities in Progress Learning. The Arcade gives students the option to play reward games by spending tokens.

Mar. 23

Student Preview for Teachers

Teachers now have the option to log in as a sample student. This is useful as a demo feature when guiding students through the Progress Learning platform.

Mar. 1

Litftoff Score Reporting

Liftoff score reporting will be added to the teacher gradebook.

Feb. 22

Assignment Preview Functionality

Users can now preview content included in assignments.

Feb. 15

New Item Types in "My Authored Questions"

Four new item types were added for users that author their own items.

  1. Highlight and Drawing - Hot Spot
  2. Highlight and Drawing - Hot Text
  3. Fill in the Blanks - Image with Dropdown
  4. Fill in the Blanks - 2nd Drag & Drop Option

Feb. 15

Progress Reports for K-1 and Elementary

Student Progress Reports were added in our k-1 and elementary student experiences.

Feb. 8

Update Text-to-Speech Voice

We launched updates and enhancements to our Text-to-Speech functionality.

Jan. 19

Eliminate One Answer Choice Feature

A setting was added to the assignment builder to auto-eliminate one answer choice for single-answer, multiple-choice items. This accommodation can be applied at the individual student level.

Jan. 10

Usage Report

This report displays usage information for individual schools and for subjects.

Jan 10

Spanish Toggle in Assessment Builder

Question previews within the assessment builder now include a Spanish toggle.

Dec. 28

Student Activity Search

Users now have a search option to display results of all student activities within Progress Learning and Liftoff.

Dec. 10

Liftoff Usage Report

The Liftoff Usage Report provides details of time spent by students answering questions in Liftoff. This report isavailable for teachers, admins, and district admins.

Dec. 10

Progress Report Printing

Printer-friendly versions of student Progress Reports are now available.

Dec. 10

Account Info and Subscription Info for District Accounts

Added screens to display school-level subscription information and account IDs for schools across the district.

Dec. 10

Replace with Similar Question Feature in Assessment Builder

This feature allows users to quickly swap out questions that are aligned to the same domain and standard. It makes building pre- and post-tests quick and easy.

Dec. 10

School Dot Rank Tab in Results Report

An additional school dot rank tab will be added to the results report for assignments and assessments. This tab will be visible for school and district administrators.

Dec. 4

Student Details Tab in Results Report

This tab will provide details about who has and has not taken a district or school-level assessment. The tab will be visible for school and district administrators.

Dec. 4

Practice Tests for K-5 Students

With Practice Tests, our k-5 students can complete summative- or domain-level tests.

Dec. 4

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