How do I use Assignment Live Monitoring?

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The Live Monitoring feature gives teachers and school admins the ability to monitor what students are working on in Progress Learning in real-time.

Follow these steps to use Live Monitoring:

  1. Click on the "Assessment/Assignment Center" icon in the side navigation menu.

  1. Click on the "Assignment Live Monitoring" link in the "Assign" box.

  1. Choose a subject, an assignment, and the specific class that you would like to monitor. Click "Populate Activity".

  1. The list of students who were assigned the chosen activity will appear on the screen. The colored dot in the "Status" column will tell you the current status of each student.

Status Column Color


In Progress - The student has started the activity and is currently in progress.

Suspended - Either the teacher or the student has saved and exited the activity.

Discarded - The teacher has discarded and exited the activity for the student.

Completed/Submitted - The student has completed and submitted their activity.

NOTE: In the "Active" column, you can see which students are currently working on the assignment. A green check mark means that they are actively working. A red X means that they are inactive and have navigated away from the assignment screen. (ex...they've opened another window or tab in their browser or they've been idle for too long.) ** Teachers can use this feature to help discourage cheating.**

Additional Teacher Options:

Click on the "Actions" menu for additional teacher options.

  • Pause/Resume: This allows the teacher to temporarily pause the student's work. The student will not be permitted to continue until the teacher selects "Resume".
  • Go to: This allows the teacher to direct the student to a specific question in the activity.
  • Save & Exit: This allows the teacher to remotely save the student's work and exit them from the activity. The student will be able to resume the activity later from their assignments tab.
  • Discard & Exit: This allows the teacher to remotely end the student's activity session without saving any of their work.

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