How can I replace with a similar question when building an assessment?

Updated 4 months ago by Rhonda McNamara

  1.  Click Assessment/Assignment Center from your teacher dashboard.
  2.  Click Assessment Builder from the Assessments section.

  1.  Create your "Assessment Name" and "Subject". Choose to select individual questions, a quick-pick by our generator, or combine them using any of the search options. Click "Save and Preview"

  1. Select your questions by choosing "I Will Select the Questions " or "Question Quick Pick" Then click "Save and Preview." To learn more about selecting questions to create an assessment, click here.

  1. Choose the settings. Before you "Save Assessment" or "Save and Assign," click the blue hyperlink next to any of the individual questions "Preview or Replace."

This is where you can preview the questions assigned and replace with a similar question.

  1. The preview of the individual question will open, and you can then click "Replace Question."

  1. Choose the question you would like to use to replace the selected question from one of the options presented below. Options are randomly generated based on the associated standard and a new list of questions will be displayed each time "Replace the Question" or "Refresh List" is selected.

Once you select your new similar question to replace, click "Select Question and Save."

  1. You will then finish creating your assessment and click "Save Assessment" or "Save and Assign."

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