How often can students work in their Study Plans?

Updated 3 weeks ago by Sharon Valeris

The answer is as often as they like! They have unlimited access to the Study Plan 24/7!

The Study Plan is always available to students for each subject or class they're rostered in. If they score poorly on the first attempt of any practice, they can try again an unlimited number of times until they've demonstrated mastery of the standard. For elementary students, earning 3 stars signifies mastery. Once they've earned 3 stars and mastered a standard, they will be limited to practicing in that particular standard only once per day to encourage them to practice in their weakest areas first.

Some key things to know about the Study Plan:

  • The Study Plan is arranged by domain and standard. Most standards have instructional videos and practice questions that are completed in sets of 10.
  • The practice questions are randomly generated each time. There is the small possibility of a repeated question but with the size of our item bank, the likelihood of all 10 questions repeating is incredibly low.
  • Teachers can view students' scores and monitor progress on Study Plan activities in their Teacher Grade Book on the "Class Results" tab.
  • Students can view their own scores to Study Plan activities in their "Graded Work". (* See our help article, "How do students view their graded work?")

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