How do I create my own assessment?

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  1. Log in to your teacher dashboard and click Assessment/Assignment Center in the menu bar on the left-hand side of your dashboard. Then select Assessment Builder under the Assessment box.

  1. You will begin building your assessment by typing an Assessment Name and selecting the subject. You can also add tags and toggle if you would like to save the assessment to your school bank, allow students to view item results in detail after the assessment is complete, and randomize the questions. You can allow a calculator for math assessments and then choose from the drop down menu. You can also share your assessment for grade level and departmental collaboration. Then select Save and Continue.

  1. Now you will build your assessment by adding questions. You have two options on how to add questions to your assessment.

    Option 1

    If you select "I Will Select the Questions" this will allow you to decide the

    domain, standards and questions you want included in your assessment.

    You can also select Passage Questions Only and My Authored Questions.

    Once you have selected all of the questions you want added to your

    assessment, you will then click "Save and Preview"

    Option 2

    If you select "Progress Learning Will Select the Questions", you will be able to determine

    the assessment length, and the platform will show how many questions are being pulled

    per domain from the library database of questions

Notice the blueprint of the test is provided in Option 2. If this is a state-tested subject, the blueprint is that of the state test. If this is a non-state-tested subject, the blueprint is divided evenly based on the number of standards in each domain.
  1. After the questions have been added to the assessment, you can preview the assessment before saving or assigning to students. In the Preview mode you can view the questions as a student and replace with a different question. Here you can click Save Assessment to save in your assessment library and assign at a later date, or you can select Save and Assign.

Assessment Builder Preview will show the passage name for easy grouping.

  1. If you select Save and Assign you will be able to select which classes or individual students you would like the assessment to be assigned to. You can also choose which students would have the Eliminate 1 Answer for Multiple Choice Questions feature by clicking the box in the right hand column.

  1. You can revisit and view your assessment back on your teacher dashboard by clicking Assessment /AssignmentCenter and then selecting Assessment Bank.

Note: When you click Action for a specific assessment in your Assessment Bank you can click Projector Mode to review with your class.Click here to download

  1. Here you can view all of your assessments in your Assessment Bank. You can click the hyperlink in the Action column for an individual assessment and access the answer key, duplicate the assessment, export the results, preview the assessment, print the assessment or display projector mode.

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